Pins & Knuckles was created in the UK in 2009 with the aim to provide high quality merchandise to bands and artists ranging from small local bands to the well-established. Back then, as young touring musicians, we were not achieving the results we desired through working with local printers and that’s when the sparks ignited and the “do-it-yourself-attitude” kicked in…

With hard work and a can-do mindset Pins & Knuckles grew steadily over time until 2013 when we launched in Johannesburg, South Africa, taking our personal service and high level of quality overseas to a new and exciting market.

2014 saw us team up with the EPCC, enabling us to significantly speed up turnaround times, improve quality, increase our services in addition to offering artists a touring merchandise management system. Running Orders from 20 – 50’000+ units, every job is done to the same high level of standard at a guaranteed lowest price.

Hungry for even more, Pins & Knuckles expanded our service once again, this time to the USA in 2019, offering world-class merchandising solutions to an ever wider, global audience.

We made it our goal to offer everyone excellent quality and affordable merchandise solutions. On top of this, we are serious music lovers and have always done everything we can to support the music scene across the UK, Europe and the world over. Pins & Knuckles is founded by musicians for musicians who strongly believes in the ethos of making merch that matters.


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